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to my website & thank you for visiting

I’m an aspiring photographer living in Stratford, Warwickshire.


I've become dedicated to capturing moments around me and bringing them to life, drawing attention to details and beauty in everything and preserving them in time.


Check out my portfolio for inspiration or to explore my work I have built up over the last few years. I have a range of styles and subjects I've taken as I appreciate all types of genres and form of photography.

I am more than happy to accept projects of any type to help businesses and clients in any form around photography.

I have built up over 4 years of experience in the field and have a growing collection of commissions from local contacts.

You can contact me on the 'About' page using the interactive submission box which sends directly to my email with little hassle, or you can reach me via my social media pages also displayed on the 'About' page.

- EdwardHartPhotography

All photos displayed are subject to copyright,

please contact for enquiries or interest in any media shown. ​

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